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Cory Garrison

Executive Chef

Chef Cory Garrison's career hasn't stopped, even for a second, since his graduation from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute in Arizona. A Texas native, he packed up his freshly-honed Classical French techniques and quickly returned to his home state, adding regional Texan cuisine to his culinary repertoire. The next fifteen years presented Cory with many versatile opportunities to serve as Chef De Cuisine, Executive Sous Chef, and Executive Chef at fine dining, avant-garde European concepts, and luxury hospitality restaurants, garnering multiple industry awards and "best of" distinctions throughout his professional journey. In 2015, Cory became the Executive Chef of the Grand Hotel, inspiring the entire culinary team with his impeccable standards, extensive knowledge, and endless innovation.

Gregg Baker

Executive Sous Chef - Restaurants

Hailing from Marietta, Georgia, Chef Gregory Baker apprenticed and worked his way up the kitchen ranks in Atlanta before joining the culinary team at The Grand Hotel in 2016. After serving as Restaurant Chef, he became the Executive Sous Chef of Restaurants and looks forward to perpetuating and enhancing the Grand Hotel's long history of delighting restaurant guests. Gregory is a third generation, cross country Morel Mushroom hunter and enjoys integrating the rich culinary traditions of the South with the classical techniques he has cultivated during his 25-year career.


Mike Wehner

Executive Sous Chef - Banquets

Born and raised in the South, Chef Mike Wehner took his love for food and developed an intense early culinary career by working in a diverse group of establishments in Georgia and Alabama. In 2007, he refined his skills and talent at Atlanta's Le Cordon Bleu, graduating with a degree in Culinary Arts. Mike's current role as Executive Sous Chef of Banquets comes after ten years of award-winning leadership in our family of luxury hospitality hotels and resorts, and his deep-rooted passion for Southern food shines through in each and every Banquet experience.

Kimberly Lyons

Pastry Chef

Born in Delaware and raised in Alabama, Kimberly discovered her passion for cake decorating while working at an ice cream shop. After serving as their cake decorator for two years, she received her diploma in Pastry Arts from Culinard in Mobile, Alabama. Kimberly joined the Grand Hotel culinary team in 2013 as Pastry Cook, and after three years of tireless work on the sweeter side of the hospitality industry, she was promoted to Pastry Chef in 2016. Kimberly's confectionary masterpieces win the hearts of our guests, young and old alike.


Tera Trail

Restaurant Chef

With roots firmly planted in Alabama, Chef Tera Trail began her culinary education at home with her mother. By the time she was 10 years old, she was preparing meals for her entire family of 5. After high school, she refined those skills at Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago and returned to Alabama to work in luxury hospitality. She joined the culinary team at the Grand Hotel in 2011, working her way up the kitchen ranks to become Restaurant Chef in 2016.

Victoria Read

Restaurant Chef

Born in London, England, Chef Victoria Read moved to the United States as a young child. After a rigorous education and successful career in microbiology, her passion for cooking called her to a new profession and she soon graduated from the Art Institute of Florida's Culinary School with honors. Since then, Chef Victoria has worked under award-winning chefs and managed kitchens throughout the Southeast. She joined the culinary team at the Grand Hotel in 2016 as a Kitchen Supervisor, and became Restaurant Chef in 2018.


Markus Haeusler

Banquet Chef

A native of Germany, Chef Markus Haeusler began his culinary career as an apprentice under European Executive Chefs. After graduating with a culinary degree from Schloss Hotel in Karlsruhe, Germany, he honed his skills in some of Europe's finest restaurants, even working with a Michelin Star Chef. In pursuit of his childhood dream, he moved to the United States and joined the culinary team at the Grand Hotel as a Junior Sous Chef for three years. He then ventured out along the gulf coast to become Executive Chef at multiple establishments, cooking for guests, country club members, and an impressive list of celebrities. In 2014, Markus returned to the Grand Hotel as Restaurant Chef and became the Banquet Chef in 2017.

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