The Good Times Roll at Mardi Gras Each Year

The festival known as Mardi Gras began as a French Catholic tradition – a “fat Tuesday” party to precede the Lenten season. Started in Mobile by Nicholas Langlois in 1703, fifteen years before New Orleans was founded, on Mobile Bay’s Eastern Shore, Mardi Gras has evolved into a mainstream fun-for-the-whole-family celebration. Revelers are welcomed to to experience the excitement and pageantry of a celebration filled with public parades, parties, floats and everyone’s favorite, “tosses” – gifts of necklaces, coins, small toys, candy and moonpies tossed to revelers along the event routes. With numerous parades to catch along the Alabama Gulf Coast, including Fairhope’s own Mystic Mutts and Maids of Jubilee, among others, Mardi Gras is a special time to “let the good times roll” and enjoy an unforgettable visit to Alabama.

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